Saturday, 10 April 2010

Mevlana Rumi

The famous spiritual author, sufi mystic and poet.

“Listen to the Reed flute how it wistfully sings,
Crying of separation, Complaining.”
- Song of the Reed (Mevlana Rumi)

The calligrapher’s pen is made of Reed, the same material that flute is carved from. The flute sings with music, the notes it produces when blown, the pen sings with writing, the letters made by the calligrapher.

Mevlana Rumi associates the reed flute with the soul. As the Reed is plucked from the reed beds and subsequently carved into a tool, flute or pen, as is our soul, plucked from its origins and put into the bodies we have now, they long to return.
….To Allah we belong and to him we shall return…

The calligrapher’s pen is not only a tool for him/her to express themselves, it holds special depths and spiritual meaning, thus the calligrapher always keeps his/her pen protected, respected and looked after, i.e. they avoid dropping it on the floor, it is kept clean and pure and kept in the dhikr of Allah…as should the soul.

On further reflection, the Qur'an swears by the pen in surah Qalam, thus the fact that the Almighty Allah (swt) has made an oath by it, gives it its higher rank in status. Surely this shows that it is one of the most powerful tools used by mankind, not just today, but for centuries.

The Truest and Best Love

“Ben dostlarımı ne kalbimle ne de aklımla severim.
Olur ya kalp durur, akıl unutur.
Ben dostlarımı ruhumla severim.
O ne durur, ne unutur...” (MEVLANA RUMİ)

I love the beloved not with my heart nor my mind,
The heart stops and the mind forgets,
I love the beloved with my soul (ruh),
It does not stop, it does not forget.

Note: Beloved i.e. Allah and his prophet (saw), your friends and family.
Note: The Ruh is ongoing; it is present in this life and the hereafter (eternity). To love with your Ruh means your love is not just temporary; it means to love on a whole different level...

Acknowledge: My good friend in body and soul, Zahra.H.

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