Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Graceful Patience.

There is always one ayah in every surah thats stands out from the rest for me. It always hits me, so profound are the words, and it can be something perfectly simple but completely amazes me.

Surat Al-Ma'arijj, Verse 5. "So be patient, with a graceful patience."

Maybe it hit me because I am such an impatient person. We are always reminded to keep patience during times of turmoil or stress or whatever situation that requires it. However we are never reminded to keep a graceful patience.
I think this shows how important it is to be graceful in everything one does. Because one can be patient and still be bitter and twisted about it. And one can be enduring patience but still be cut up about it, upset, crying, moody, hating, like you have a thunder cloud above you or you have a "chip on your shoulder". However, to be patient with grace? Wow now that is something else. That is really letting go of any bitterness and hurt and simply accepting the will of Allah, completely. A graceful patience would be the type that leaves no sign on you that you are undergoing turmoil and infact would show the opposite, that you are the most happiest and content person in the world. That you would still show love and mercy to others, that your character stays beautiful, that you simply stay smiling :) Theres is so much beauty in this one tiny ayah, which is why I love it. It is so hard to stay patient, yet even harder to keep it gracefully, but you can see why there would be so much more benefit in it.
This is just my opinion, I am not attempting to interprete the ayah out of context or anything. I am just stating my feelings when I read certain surahs/ayats.
And Allah Knows best.

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