Wednesday, 4 June 2014

For the sake of Allah

At times we go off track, sometimes our character or mood is completely off, sometimes our aims go off on a tangent, sometimes we lose the meaning of life. So if we bring everything back to Islam, if we remind ourselves that we are muslim, why we are here, the character we should strive for, the life we should live based on the sunnah, should we really have any reason to be on a downer, to treat people badly, to have behavioral problems, to play hide and seek with people's hearts? to act like jerks, And thus to not reach our goals? 
I realized that everything in our lives should be brought back to Islam and the sunnah. You can't go wrong right? You treat people well regardless, your intention in everything will be good, your cause will always be to fulfill the sunnah and to do things for the sake of Allah and for that sake we are filled with contentment. Intention should be driven by Deen. Some people have no intention, which can be just as bad as a bad intention! 
If we are grateful, Allah will give us more. If we strive to complete the sunnah, there will be contentment in our lives. If we provide some happiness to others, Allah will provide us with peace. To me it's a no brainer. Allow yourself to live, why punish yourself by depriving yourself of that which Allah made obligatory upon you. This life is short, there is no time to faff around, get on with living! If you have faith in Allah, He will facilitate your happiness, and if you are strong enough to strive to bring every aspect in your life back to the sunnah, then there will be no room for shaytan to make you weak. Aim for the sunnah, act on the sunnah, progress and achieve in this life and the next. Simples? 

Oh and just because its 3.15am: 

Silly Quote
Yehhhh right! 
Finished ranting here, time to rant to Allah: Tahajjud!