Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Cry it Out.

Sometimes you just have to cry it out. And when we are totally broken, when we have exhausted all other avenues, demeaning as they are, the last thing we resort to is this. And suddenly for whatever reason the burden becomes lighter. Suddenly another door opens, and suddenly it seems so much easier to close the last door. It doesn't matter how much people disappoint you, how many times they try to break you, it is purely to bring you back down to the realisation that, you are nothing, you are not in control, and that He is the only one you can turn to, to enable you to move on again. And those who don't realise this and do not turn to Him, who do not cry it out, and beg for his mercy and forgiveness, they will carry on going through the turmoil of fighting the war waging within themselves.

Why is is that when we have lost all hope, not knowing which way to turn, full of confusion and thoughts and thinking "What if? Why?", crying brings us this result? Because this is where you are at your most weakest point which no one would want to admit, even to  themselves, never mind to others. And for you to accept this, to finally break down all the barriers and just surrender yourself, to Allah, and to the plan that He set out for you, in this we find peace, we set ourselves free.

"One of the marvels of the world: The sight of a soul sitting in prison with the key in its hand."


Monday, 13 May 2013


Sometimes you may find yourself on unfamiliar ground, a stranger in a place with people so unknown to you. You wonder how you will cope in such a place. For some its an exciting venture, for others, there is nothing more daunting. But isn't it true how Allah always sends you someone to show you the way, at the point when you feel most lost? How that person is there for you at hand, who can accompany you and answer the questions you thought you would never find alone. And isn't it true that there comes a point for that person to leave your life. Allah is giving you a chance to not only do everything that that person taught you alone, but also for you to teach the next stranger that arrives. And suddenly you become the one that Allah sends to others, to show them the way. And so in life we find our roles change, from the one who was dependent on others, to the one others become dependent on. And this role change can only occur once that person who showed you, leaves your life.
And although it means you may suffer a loss, it is only a way of training to help you gain something better, because by Allah taking away that person who was always there to guide you, he also took away your dependency on them, so that you may become solely dependent on Him. And perhaps we will keep going through this until, one day, it will no longer hurt to say goodbye, because you learn that you are left with the One, and He is enough for you.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Sunnah of S... II

Something I think that should be talked about more (in a controlled setting - with teachers/scholars/Councillors/people of knowledge). Simply because its something so simple, and ignorance in this matter can have such traumatic effects on people/marriages on a physical and psychological level. Due to culture we are taught to shy away from such issues, but as Muslims there is nothing wrong with developing an understanding and still remaining humble and modest about it. It's easy for people to say that these issues do not concern them, as it is simply "not in their nature", well all I can say is; make it your nature. Follow the Sunnah, or you will always fail in this. 

A great piece, well done: