Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Inner Turmoil of an Oppressor

I feel like Allah sends me to certain people to try them and test them. Not because I am such a nightmare and their patience with me will make them closer to Allah, no not that type of test, they are not so lucky. But the kind of test that makes them realise in the end, that they are such a fool. I guess the test is whether they realise it or not. Allow me to be a lesson to you.

Even though such people are so sure of themselves and are able to justify their behaviour, I hope I am the one that makes them doubt their certainty and perhaps makes them realise that, even though they think they can push others around, fraud them, oppress them, in actual fact life doesn't go by their rules. Its doesn't even go by my rules, it goes by Allah's.

Such people who opress shouldn't think that they got away with it. In the end they get what they deserve until they reflect and realise. You tend to find, that such people are never really happy, although they may pretend. Allah sends them an inner turmoil which eats them up - they are only hurting themselves.

Their soul, it screams. It becomes weary, as it screams for the oppression to stop. They can't handle the screams any longer, so these people try to lock themselves away, away from the turmoil, they hide from people. But they don't realise, that they didn't even lock the turmoil out, they only locked the screaming soul in with them. They never escape. Fools.

And so every time I may have learnt a lesson from such peoples pathetic behaviour, I believe they learnt ten lessons from my response. And I felt no loss in leaving them, and I will feel no loss in leaving any others. Although, it seems, they feel more loss in losing me...and I think that tells me something.

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