Wednesday, 27 February 2013

People change...

A quote by Marilyn Monroe includes the line "People change so you can learn to let go.."
There will be points in your your life, where this applies perfectly. Sometimes people leave you, and you will find it hard to let them go. And the reason it was hard to let them go, was not because you wanted that person, but because you wanted to prove to them (and yourself) that you were good enough and that you could reach their "standard".
And this agony of not letting go has a process, of you wanting to change to reach that "standard" to become worthy of them.
You do whatever it takes, educate yourself more, change the way you dress, get into the right crowd, start writing publicaly, move country...just to prove that you can and that your someone worthy of their attention and approval...and along this journey of changing you repeat a prayer and a silent wish that one day you will meet again, just so you can say "hey look how I changed, am I now not good enough? Am I now not worthy of your love?"
And when that day comes, and you think finally Allah answered my prayers, another shot, another chance to prove to them, that you are now what they wanted...
However what a surprise to find, that infact over time, you never changed at all. You only found ways to express the worthiness that lay within you all along. And even more surprisingly, to find, that the other person changed; they are no longer that person with the same "high standards" they are infact quite different..
And all this only to show and make you realise how unworthy they are of you. It seems the person that they wanted you to be, was only really a reflection of the person they could never be themselves...
"People change so you can learn to let go..."

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