Monday, 13 May 2013


Sometimes you may find yourself on unfamiliar ground, a stranger in a place with people so unknown to you. You wonder how you will cope in such a place. For some its an exciting venture, for others, there is nothing more daunting. But isn't it true how Allah always sends you someone to show you the way, at the point when you feel most lost? How that person is there for you at hand, who can accompany you and answer the questions you thought you would never find alone. And isn't it true that there comes a point for that person to leave your life. Allah is giving you a chance to not only do everything that that person taught you alone, but also for you to teach the next stranger that arrives. And suddenly you become the one that Allah sends to others, to show them the way. And so in life we find our roles change, from the one who was dependent on others, to the one others become dependent on. And this role change can only occur once that person who showed you, leaves your life.
And although it means you may suffer a loss, it is only a way of training to help you gain something better, because by Allah taking away that person who was always there to guide you, he also took away your dependency on them, so that you may become solely dependent on Him. And perhaps we will keep going through this until, one day, it will no longer hurt to say goodbye, because you learn that you are left with the One, and He is enough for you.


  1. I love this way of looking at it.

  2. I ran into your blog today, and have read and glanced over your blog posts from 2012 till now. And I honest feel like every word you wrote, I could've written it, at one point of my life or another. The only thing is, I didn't write it down, and you are writing it down. SubhanAllah. But every blog posts I am reading, brings back memories of when I learned the same lesson at various points of my life, and the lessons I am learning now. May Allah (swt) reward you and grant you barakah in your writing. Ameen.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Its strange because I forget that I have written most of these posts until someone makes a comment... One thing I have learned so far is that in life, you do tend to bump into random people, who have had the same or similar feelings and experiences and it is a relief to find such people, because they understand you naturally, whilst the rest of the world don't even try to. Thanks for hanging out here.