Friday, 7 February 2014

When Will You Set It Free?

I guess it all started, with beautiful intentions,
Till you took a turn an it was, out the door.
And then it got serious,
What was I writing, confused and delirious 
And now you look hilarious.
Not living the dream which you thought I would,
Hold you back from.
And it was your mistake to think that I would, never grow,
Because where am I now? And, How did you know?
That I could never help you. I protest, It was,
All a game and my honor was your dice, It was, 
Never played fairly, you took all the moves,
Once, Twice, Thrice...
And I didn't have a chance to win or to lose, in limbo,
My time that you took, and an apology that never stuck ... "I'm sorry.."
It's never too late, but it's always too soon to fix the damage.
Of a threatened heart, the carnage,
Of a troubled soul,
When will you set it free...?

A lot of my posts are completely random, and most of the time I am completely content and at peace when posting. It is just words and perhaps passing thoughts, you may let them affect you or not, like most things in life.    :)

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