Saturday, 25 October 2014

Dear future child, 
I just wanted you to know, 
I can never protect you from the whole world and it's 
Ego, will never satisfy any type of desire
It's just that, I can't watch you pass your life by with
No meaning, and just empty lies that are,
Promised to you by empty lives, Their souls 
Are on fire for what they will do to you and remember, 
What they say isn't true nor is it lies, it's just
Excuses made. It's confusion. Don't be fooled,
By the ones that expose their sins to you, blatantly unaware, 
Of the respect they lose, they are 
Victims of their own shadow and you 
Are but a light of hope and worth, too precious 
To be consumed in confusion. Too dear to care for the uncaring. 
You won't always know it, but your heart will tell you true. 
And although you will keep forgiving, eventually you will see through,
The feelings. 
Your concern should be for the one that never leaves you. 
Your hope should remain in the one that protects you. 
And your trust should never leave the one who gives you truth. 
We are but here only a short time, the chaos in the world is a sign,
That the end is near. Stay in fear,
Of your death, of your judgement of hurting others, their tears 
will speak against you and your tears against them, 
so collect them wisely and be assured that something better awaits.

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