Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Just maybe its worth the wait.

Sometimes in life there are things worth waiting for. A bit like when you see a beautiful dress or the latest gadget in the shop. You want it straight away. And if you manage to walk away without it, your fixed on when you can return and purchase it. Perhaps you didnt go back to the shop and waited after a month, two months, three. Then when you do, you find that its on sale and actually you got a better deal than if you had rushed into it and bought it straight off.
There always remained the risk that waiting for so long would result in you coming back to find that it wasn't there anymore. Someone else, already purchased it before you, you missed your chance, but you never really lost anything else, because it was never yours anyway, nor was it destined to be for you.
Its alot like things in life, and more specifically people. We tend to cling onto people thinking that its our one and only chance for friendship, marriage, etc. and we miss the aspect of patience and destiny. Being able to walk away from something/someone takes some strength and it is a risk that when you return they wont be there anymore, but if they are, then maybe, just maybe you will have something better.

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  1. Salaam,

    I love your style of writing mashaAllah.

    I so agree with you - I think that now more than ever, people (including myself) want/expect instant gratification - it takes time, experience, and developing a thick skin to realise that there's a sweetness in appreciating that when something you really want doesn't work out, it's probably beneficial, even if it's far from obvious at the time.