Sunday, 23 December 2012

When so many (good) people dislike you, then surely you are the problem.

So whats it like to be so hated by every single person? It must be a really horrible feeling. To be so disliked. I mean why do you make it so difficult for others to like you? You don't have to be such a jerk. You choose to be one, with every word you speak and every action you do. Your not helping yourself. People may be fooled by your exterior, but sooner or later your internal decay will show through. You have no adab, there is nothing beautiful about your speach and you push
people away rather than bringing them closer. Silly person. Dont you see. Dont you learn? Dont you
think? Think why you are having the same problems. Because you keep making the same mistakes..
Surely logic would tell you that when so many people are unhappy with you, then YOU are the problem. You dont realise, because your intellect is still immature. And its unlucky for some that they will never grow up. Will you only realise when everyones leaves you? And they are more successful without you?
Dont you fear your Lord?
How do you expect Allah to love you, when you cannot gain the love of people. And they are good people, who come to you for help and assistant, they rely on you and you let them down and inconvenience them in every way, why? Because your concern is more for yourself and your own gain then for others. When your concern becomes for others, only then will you become Allahs concern and only then will you have barakah in everything you do.

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  1. You can never say that every single person hates you because you haven't met every single person in the world, it's impossible. Even those who you have met and who you feel hate you probably don't think that way about you.

    We're all human anything that you do that you regret later and that makes people think negatively of you is temporary, and then it goes away with time. So do people's memories of that thing. Don't feel horrible about mistakes that we all make and that make us feel horrible.

    And don't let the world make you feel horrible about yourself because at the end of the day they don't matter if they're making you feel like that. Be the best you can be because Allah is the one to forgive and condemn. They who condemn you in this world are no better than those who've made a mistake.