Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Choice to Destiny

They say you cant choose your destiny. I say there is an element of choice in arriving at the door of your destiny.
They say that life is like a journey. I say life is a bunch of interconnected cross roads, we are always having to make decisions, small cross roads and large ones, reflecting the small decisions and the major life changing ones. Each road may take us to a different destination. We may be aware of what lies at the end of some roads and quite unaware of others, not knowing if it will get us to where we want to be. Choosing an unknown road is like taking a chance in life. It can be a tough journey, and at each cross road something is left behind. Sometimes you find that something/someone is blocking your way to go down a certain path, it holds you back and you make a choice to stay there or to overtake, break through. Most of the time you find it is yourself that blocks your own way. There are cross roads where we cant make decisions or we are just fed up of making them. We take a breather, because we know that when we push ourselves too hard, this in itself holds us back, the burden too heavy, unable to move on. Its important to make your journey a little at a time, consistant, meaningful.
And when we take a wrong turn, we may need to go back a few steps...take the other road. But its ok, because you learnt that the first road leads to no where - you wont take that one again. But then there are roads that we went down, but we failed to follow correctly, and sometimes we wish we had a chance to take that road again, perhaps we live in hope, that one day we will arrive back at it, a chance to succeed and not to fail again.
Along the road we may stumble and fall. They say that when you fall it makes you stronger. I say that when you fall it makes you weaker. I mean a broken cup when mended still has cracks right? and when the cup gets knocked again it doesnt just break...it shatters. Yes you may fall, we all do, but it just makes you aware of the pitfalls in life, and you become cautious of falling again because you know you are weaker - the cracks of your heart just can't take another fall...
It is your choice to avoid certain roads that will avoid you getting hurt and it is your choice to take a chance down the unknown, hence why I think it is down to your choice, which will infact lead you to the door of your destiny.

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