Saturday, 28 July 2012

Time will tell

I realise that it is down to ones impatience as to finding the reason of why things happen to us and why we meet some people. We are not patient enough to let time tell. We want the answer
there and then, and when we dont get the answer, we give up on Allah, but we dont realise, that He does not give up on us.
He gives us another chance to get it right - when we find ourselves in similar situatuion, similar tests except its with different people, a different place, a different situation, but in essence the same test.

More importantly, not only do we find that certain people are in our life, we also find that at certain points of our life we are alone. I find this more as I get older. Uni life was full of hussle and bussle, and when you leave, your left to your own devices wandering aimlessly to the next chapter, where again you may find someone, who then leaves and again your alone. Its important to note, that each chapter led you on to the next.
A person may have come into your life because Allah wanted to guide you somewhere through that person. And I have found, that certain doors are open to me because people came into my life and led me to that door. They showed me how to get there, and its up to me to take the next step. It may be that I must take the step alone, but I believe that this is Allahs way of training me, because at the end of the day, we face the Lord alone on the day of reckoning.

I admit I grow attached to people quite easily, and I find it hard to let them go. But let them go I must, for their sake if not mine, and I apologise to those who have hurt because of my own selfish attachment.

This reminds me of the Journey "Israa wal Miraaj" when Gibrael accompanied the Prophet (saw) throughout the journey but at the point of reaching the Lote tree, the Prophet is told to go ahead alone (without his companion Gibrael) to meet his Lord. And so we may all have company in our lives, to show us the way, but at some point they must leave, and we must have the courage to move forward alone, with the hope of reaching something better.


  1. Assalamu Alaykum,
    May Allah reward you...

  2. Only Allah knows what's ahead. "Howa Aalim ul ghaib" of course.
    With regard to our deeds, what goes around comes around --yes it's time factor there as well.
    "Only time will tell" is the ongoing advice, yet - we are always anxious to find out immediately--
    ****What can u do, it's human nature.****
    ZEE, we lack patience and don't follow the Divine-commandments to observe patience.
    ---Insaan dunia main akaila hee atta hai aur akailay hee jaata hai.----
    So, we need to be prepared to go alone only with good deeds regarding "haqooq Allah and haqooq ul ibaad."

    ZEE, your presentation is more than excellent mashaAllah.
    Keep up the good work inshaAllah.
    jazak Allah!