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Hadith 2: Al-Arba'in Collection Of 40 Hadiths on Ramadhan - Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam Al-Kawthari

Al-Arba'in Collection of 40 Hadiths on Ramadan.
Mufti Muhammad Ibn Adam Al Kawthari

40 Hadiths related to the blessed month of Ramadan.

The companion Sahl (RA) relates that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “Verily in Paradise (Jannah) there is a door called Rayyaan. This door Rayyaan is reserved for people who observed fasting in the month of Ramdaan. It will be announced, “Where are those people who fasted in Ramadaan?” and those who observed the fasts will stand up, and no one else besides them will enter through this door.  Once they enter, the door will be closed.
Recorded by Bukhari and Muslim

There will be different doors to Jannah reserved for people, based on their different acts of worship.  For example, the people who observed Salah excessively will enter through a door called Baab-usallah and people of Jihaad will be called from the door of Jihaad (Baab ul Jihaad) and people of charity will be called from the door of charity. And thus, the people of fasting will be called from Rayaan.

Abu Bakr once asked the Prophet (SAW), “Will there be anyone who is called from all the doors?” and He (SAW) said “Yes, and I hope that you will be of those people.”

In summary, this just shows that there are specific doors that will open for specific people, based on their acts of worship either it be nafl  prayers, Dhikr, charity etc. and thus one of the virtue of fasting.

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