Friday, 5 October 2012

Allah is Sufficient for you

I wrote a post a while back, and its really strange, because Im starting to look at things from a different angle. Its weird because, its happend on more than one occasion, where I have wrote about something and then I am kinda put into that situation and its like Allah is trying to tell me yeh you wrote about it, now live it, this is the reality of it, and it might just change your mind or it might enforce what you thought already. Its amazing subhanallah.

An example of this is that people keep coming in and out my life and they come into my life exactly when I need them, and when I start getting attached to them they leave again and I am on my own. But its mad because every time it happens, it gets easier. I hold firmly to a truth in my heart that Allah will bring someone else in when I need them. The fact that they leave just doesnt bother me any more, and infact, I started to see that there is something good in being on your own. When
you have no attachement to people and to life, then your attachement to Allah is inevitable.

So sometimes its just better to be alone. When I say this I mean it to an extent and not to the extreme, I miss being around my family and mostly I just miss my mum. But thats an attachment of a different sort.

For some reason we feel the need to have people in our lives to kill our loneliness, but when you think about it, most of our problems come from people, not loneliness. The test really is to see if you are or can be content, with just your Lord in your life. And there will be some who are not content, there will be some who dont acknowledge Him and there will be some who cant find Him, and then there will be others who patiently perservere, who remain hopeful and who Allah is sufficient for. May Allah be sufficient for us all inshallah.


  1. Great post. It's really amazing actually...because I have always been 'the odd one out' but it explains everything, it just brings us closer to God. God tests his servants in different ways, he knows what will bring us closer to him, so this is why each one of us get different kind of trials, so never say "why me?" :-)

  2. People come and go like seasons.
    "Is not Allah sufficient for His servant?" (Holy Qur'an 39:27 I think)