Saturday, 13 October 2012

Stay Focused

Its always difficult to stay focused. When you have made an intention to do something, you start off determined and sure of what you need to do, but as time goes on it seems so easy to go off track and for that intention to go astray.
You allow yourself to be swayed, which can only affect the thing you set out to do in the first place.

I guess, there are things/people that will come to us from different directions externally, and they come to us to test the strength of our initial internal intention. It makes you delusional and it makes you weak. It makes you question yourself and brings about a dissatisfaction because you let yourself come out of "the zone".

The intention whether big or small, from learning the arabic alphabet to memorising the quran, if its a good intention, for the sake of Allah, then shaytaan will always find ways to distract you from it, whether it be your children, friends, or marriage. Shaytaan knows your weakness and he will distract you with exactly that, so dont compromise the quality of your intention and the quality of your study.

I suppose thats why, the people whom are most successful, are those whose intentions are not only pure, but are also strong, firm, focused.

Just stay focused. Dont be swayed. Your reward lies with Allah. Everything else, is just nothing and no one in comparison...

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