Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sweet Lies and Bitter Truths

I can handle a lot of things from people, but I cannot handle dishonesty. It really rips me up inside if or when someone lies to me. And you know that feeling when you just know someone lied to you but you can't really prove it? Its a killer.

I dont really understand how or why people can justify it to themselves. Do they think they are doing something good? They think they are doing ME a favour? By hiding me from the truth? Well why dont they just do themselves a favour and just be honest. Isn't it easier for them to just tell the truth? When one lie leads to another and another and then its all of a muddle?

Ok so it may not be an outright lie of saying one thing then doing another. It may be a string of twisted sweet words that make you think one thing and then when it comes to the crunch, the sweet words become absolute bitter denial which somehow becomes your fault - you mis-interpreted the sweet words you fool.
Dont these people realise the effects of their own words? They dont learn their lesson first time round, second time round, third many chances did they think they had? Because in the end, no one wants to give them a chance anymore.
No one wants to know a liar, not their friends, not their family, and one day maybe even their own children. They are like thieves, they steal your naivety, your trust and leave you with a dashed dream. Can these thieves ever be happy? Why would Allah reward them with any Barakah or happiness in their lives when they keep "stealing".

I choose not to deal with them. I choose to leave them to Allah to deal with, and my prayer is that they get exactly what they deserve, that whatever they took from me, let that same thing be taken from them.
Happiness is only given to those whom are deserving of it. And they, do not deserve to be happy, not untill they start being truthful with others and to themselves.

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