Sunday, 25 November 2012

On Marriage

Even though marriage is a Sunna and an act of worship (ibadah), there is a 'genuine' difference of opinion between classical scholars – due to the various evidences – in terms of what is ‘superior’ for a person who does not have a desire or urge to get married. Most Imams hold that marrying is superior, but there are many others who consider marriage to be merely permitted (mubāḥ) for such a person, and thus it is better for him/her to devote him/herself to worship, serving Islam and other noble activities. In view of this, some of the greatest Imams of our Umma did not marry? Scholars like Imam Nawawi, Imam Ibn Taymiya, Imam Ibn Jarir al-Tabari and the famous female scholar of hadith Sayyida Karima al-Marwaziyy and others (Allah have mercy on them) did not marry due to their dedication to teaching, propagating and serving the din of Allah!

By Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari

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