Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Sound of War...

It was pretty scary being woken up this morning by the sound of rockets. Yeh thats what I said. I had convinced myself that the deafening sound was just a very low flying airoplane...I knew in my heart though that it wasn't quite the same sound, it sounded more scary, the sound of war. It was only when I got to school that people confirmed my thoughts and that struck some fear in me. "They were sent via Egypt as a warning..." and what is to follow only Allah knows, but I guess we know too, to an extent, because its all predicted, and those who seek knoweldge of the end of times and reflect will know that..

I guess my point here is that, we get so caught up in our own little lives, we tend to forget the world around us, until we become part of the craziness. One "warning" is all it took, for me to realise completely that my life is  nothing, that whatever trivial things happen in my life, is most certainly trivial and worthless. That was just one sound, one time, imagine the muslims out there who are constantly bombarded with this, rockets, bombs, people dying, your life is nothing, esspecially when you are not doing anything to help them and esspecially when you know there is so so much more to come. You worry about not passing your exams, or that your not getting married, or your getting old, or that someone let you down yet again, don't you worry of the end of times? Dont you fear the Dajjaal? Dont you fear the chaos that will lead up to and unfold during these events? You should fear, for yourself, for your children and grandchildren that will inevitably be part of these difficult times. Only then will you realise, that everything and everyone else is nothing and no one. Because what is to come is going to be the biggest trial of all for the muslim ummah.


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