Saturday, 24 November 2012

Morsi in a muddle...and not in the middle!

The recent protests in Alex have been quite intersting and perhaps a little unexpected. The law change in Egypt that Morsi put into place has flustered quite a lot of Egyptians so it seems, and perhaps confused them after his "heroic" act of running to Gazas aid and freeing them from the oppression of Israel, only to come back to his own country to take full control, removing anyone elses rights to put laws into place - correct me if I understood the politics incorrectly.

Was it just a coincidence, that Egypt was the country to run to help Gaza, and that Israel agreed to a ceasfire under the "influence" of Egypt, and then for all power to be shifted to Morsi in terms of law making.

Point one here, is that Since Morsi came into power, nothing much changed, people are still in a desperate situation in terms of jobs, you can ask any layman that on the street, and the economy is just generally a bit rubbish, so he wasn't able to make a positive impact economically. Perhaps his rush to Gaza showed that he at least could have another impact, and win the people of Egypt by a means of "Well at least his principals are in place."

Point two here is, whats the connection between Israel agreeing to a ceasfire and then Morsi putting it on himself to have full control of Egypt.
What did Morsi agree to in order for Isreal to stop bombing the people of Gaza...? And is he now just another puppet, another way in which to control the masses. Or I wonder if this was the plan all along...and poor Morsi fell for it.

So after putting himself in the middle of Gaza and Israel to mediate a ceasfire, has he now got himself into a bit of a muddle?

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